I do have webspace that I plan on utilixing for all of my documentation. To keep things simple, I plan to do this:

->PET-ify all of what is here that isnt.
->Put the info on my site (most is there, not all though)
->Remove my threads flat out (nVIDIA, FC TnT, etc) and repost a sticky that both points to the PETs and my site.

If there are ANY issues, let me know. Some have contributed help to the thread, and if you do not want certain/any info reposted on my site LET ME KNOW. I plan to do this after my laptop debacle is over. So ... gimme about 2-3 weeks for this. This ought to clear up alot of my stickies that are annoying me, and probably a few of you too.

If any of you want (AFTER I get done doing major rework to the site) any of YOUR documentation posted LET ME KNOW. I am not about to plageurize or steal anyone's help even with credit. Thanks!

PS :: Oh, the only sticky that isn't there now is the FC4 one I just started. The reason for all of this is my affiliation with far too many forums and not any good central place for my work. I plan to keep the information here, since this is my #1 forum and favorite, but collation is king.