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    Editing Man entry

    Hello all.
    I'm a so-called adminstrator over a Unix system for the US Navy. I'm the "administrator," only because I'm the only person on the ship that has ever used Unix before. Since most of my people can't figure out the concept of the "tar cvf" command to do a filesystem backup, I've been writing shell scripts to perform all of our daily checks and backups and such. What I'd like to do now is (if it's possible) write MAN entries for the shell scripts to help the aforementioned technicians out if they have problems with the scripts, rather than having them call me at 0300 while I'm at home asleep. If it makes any difference, the Unix version I'm attempting to edit the man entry on is HP-UX 9.07 (Yes, I realize that's absolutely archaic.) Any help would be appreciated. By the way, mountainman...are you still out there somewhere?!

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    Re:Editing Man entry

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