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Thread: iPods and Linux

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    iPods and Linux

    I was listening to some music using Rhythmbox and noticed it had iPod listed as a source. I didn't know iPods would work with Linux.

    Does anybody here use an iPod with Linux?

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    Re:iPods and Linux

    I think Gabe does.



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    Re:iPods and Linux

    If you meant for putting music onto your ipod using linux:

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    Re:iPods and Linux

    GTKPod works fine for me.

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    Re:iPods and Linux

    I was more curious if anybody have it working...I don't own one, but may get one.

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    Re:iPods and Linux

    Though I have no experience, I do know it's done all the time. As of about 8 months ago, the only thing that wasn't supported was smart playlists (iTunes feature, apparently...I've never used its lack probably wouldn't bother me). But you can sync from Rhythmbox, and apparently GTKPod is a great app.

    Also... ;D

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    Re:iPods and Linux

    Yeah I got my bro's ipod to work on his computer. Now he has like some sort of firewire is40 port? It is supposed to work best on usb. FC 4 auto mounted the drive.

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    Re:iPods and Linux

    I also have a friend who partitioned his iPod. He has 18 gigs for music, and 2 gigs of storage. Think ultimate USB-stick that's with you wherever you go.

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    Re:iPods and Linux

    Just curious, why partition it?

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    Re:iPods and Linux

    [quote author=Countach44 link=board=3;threadid=10600;start=0#msg95326 date=1122711926]
    Just curious, why partition it?

    I believe that iPods don't mount as removable storage under normal circumstances, at least in all operating systems. I was led to believe that the partitioning was so that in windows, osx, and linux he could have two gigs of removable storage. Since he takes his iPod everywhere he goes, it's like always having a 2 gig thumb drive.

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