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Thread: yum update and nvidia Geforce Fx5200

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    yum update and nvidia Geforce Fx5200

    When I make a "yum update" and a new kernel become installed, then I can't start the X-server into the new kernel.
    I have done it before one time succesfully, but unfortunately I have not taken note what I had done and with a new kernel, I can't repeat it a second time.
    In my shell-root history, I found inputs like:
    # rpm -Uvh nvidia-driver-1.0.7664-1.src.rpm
    # sh
    # sudo yum install kernel-module-nvidia-$(uname -r)
    By trying it, I receive the message : FATAL: module nvidia not found
    So I don't know what will be the right procedure.
    I found:
    Q. I just upgraded my kernel, and now the NVIDIA kernel module will not load. What is wrong?

    A. The kernel interface layer of the NVIDIA kernel module must be compiled specifically for the configuration and version of your kernel. If you upgrade your kernel, then the simplest solution is to reinstall the driver.

    ADVANCED: You can install the NVIDIA kernel module for a non running kernel
    (for example: in the situation where you just built and installed a new
    kernel, but have not rebooted yet) with a command line such as this:
    # sh --kernel-name='KERNEL_NAME'
    Where 'KERNEL_NAME' is what 'uname -r' would report if the target kernel were running.

    So I tried:
    # sh --kernel-name='2.6.12-1.1372'
    But I received an error message.

    Please can anybody help me with the right procedure?
    Many thanks in advance for helping.
    Gaston Verhulst.

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    Re:yum update and nvidia Geforce Fx5200

    Try the instructions here:

    I believe you'll have to have the repository enabled (instructions here if the above link doesn't work for you).

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    Re:yum update and nvidia Geforce Fx5200

    Or do it manually. link

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    Re:yum update and nvidia Geforce Fx5200

    Well what I do is this (going from memory so it may be a tad wee bit off):
    I am assuming this:
    You have a working kernel and X and have some sort of nVIDIA driver installed that you got from
    Now do this:
    Download the new kernel.
    Download the new sources.
    Install both.
    Reboot to new kernel, but pass "linux 3" to grub or lilo as a kernel parameter.  This gets you to text mode.
    Login as root.
    Run the installer for the latest driver.
    Reboot to the new kernel again.
    Test it out.
    This is another prime example for why one doesnt upgrade kernels, but installs new ones. There is a difference. Upgrading replaces, install adds. For all that haven't screwed this one up yet, heed my words! You will feel the wrath of God sooner or later ;D

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