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Thread: Weird? kppp and internet apps kick CD writer off

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    Weird? kppp and internet apps kick CD writer off

    Problems on top of problems for me this weekend . . . :'(

    I think this is the right forum:

    I have a TDK usb cd writer. works fine. is /dev/scd0 (cdrecord dev=0,0,0) when it's there. Starts up and shows up right on my desktop at bootup - but when I run kppp or other internet programs, it just plain disappears. The little light on my usb hub even goes off. The printer, which is plugged in right next door, stays on just fine.

    Any ideas? Is this a conflict I'll just have to deal with?

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    Re:Weird? kppp and internet apps kick CD writer off

    Is this a winmodem or a hardware modem? If it is a hardware modem try going into the BIOS and disabling all com ports and see if that helps out at all.

    Also, try disabling the parallel port if you aren't using it. This seems like an IRQ or DMA issue. Again do this in the BIOS.

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