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    OSNews Site

    At work using Win2000, IE and/or Firefox, when I goto it takes a long time to bring the page completely up.

    Using FF the most, I always see in the bottom left corner of the browser the I guess its an ad site.

    It seems osnews is the only site that takes this long to bring up the site.

    We do have Websense installed but osnews is the only site that I visit takes long time.

    Anybody have a problem like this?

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    Re:OSNews Site

    At work I am on Win2K and it is fast... very fast. Oh, and using IE.

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    Re:OSNews Site

    Works great over here on Epiphany. Sorry

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    Re:OSNews Site

    Well Tuesday nites are the only night I work with a coworker and I had him try on his work computer and it comes right up on his.

    I guess its something to do with my computer. Maybe I will clear the cache and history and see if that helps.

    Thnx for the replies.

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