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Thread: gallery not showing images

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    gallery not showing images

    hey guys I finally got gallery installed on ubuntu. but when I upoad a picture I don't see anything other then the frame and in the gallery directory I can see the pic(I dont have X so going by filename)

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    I fixed it there was a problem in my config file

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    I was wondering if anyone can access ??

    another thing. when I remove the gallery from that URL I can see my apache a gallery folders along with other things. is there a way I can set it up so that only I can see it?

    oh and im behind a linksys router but im sure I forewarded the right port to the compuer hosting gallery.

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    Nope...just says "Loading" for a really long time. Doesn't go anywhere

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    I cant see it. It just sits there trying and trying. Nope.

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    WTF!! I don't know what to do. anyone have any advice??

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    Most likely its your router. Some routers do a shitty job a fwding ports. I had problems wiht my router. I am almost sure thats what's going on.

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    yeah thats what im suspecting too. I may have the wrong port forewarding but then again I don't know what port to foreward so I chose 80 haha

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    If you have webserver running at default port then its port 80. What you might want to try is trigger the router to give the server a different ip. Then forward the port to the new ip address. I believe thats what solved it. I called Netgear for hours and they knew squat and had a hard time understandig me. This is because they just bearly knew how to speak english.

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    ok well I did port triggering in the router but I couldn't specify an IP but I hope it works now can someone try please

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