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Thread: gallery not showing images

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    well nmap tells me 80 is open. Only 80. hmm..

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    still times out.

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    [quote author=The Great Mojo Jojo link=board=2;threadid=10542;start=0#msg94778 date=1119666017]
    another thing. when I remove the gallery from that URL I can see my apache a gallery folders along with other things. is there a way I can set it up so that only I can see it?
    Make sure you have indexing turned off for that folder.
    Check in your httpd.conf file(or apache.conf) and see if you have the line:
    Optons Indexes

    You need to comment that out so it doesn't give you a directory index of the folder
    <Directory /your/directory/here/>
    Some Options
    #Options Indexes
    Some more Options

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    ok try this I hope it works

    eslackey: i'll try that

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    Nope, same deal.

    When you open up a browser and go to http://localhost/gallery and do you see what you're expecting to see? If you enter the url you're posting into your browser do you see what you're expecting to see?

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    You might want to connect it directly to your modem and bypass router to see if the problem is infact with the router.

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    Re:gallery not showing images

    ok i'll try that later when onone is using the net

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