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Thread: WTB: HDD

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    WTB: HDD

    hey does anyone want to sell a small HDD for cheap im just looking for a small hdd anything between 3 and 10 gig would be great


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    Re:WTB: HDD

    A friend of mine was trying to sell me a 2 gig drive (he may have more than one), is that too small?

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    Re:WTB: HDD

    yeah a 2 gig is a lil too small

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    Re:WTB: HDD

    I may have some drives you might use. Let me get back to you.

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    Re:WTB: HDD


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    Re:WTB: HDD

    ok, I have one you can have for shipping. Just gotta wait until I come back from St. Paul on Tuesday.

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    Re:WTB: HDD

    cool how much do you think the shipping would be for sending it to canada? and how big is it?

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    Re:WTB: HDD

    I *think* 8 gigs. Never mailed to Canada, so don't know. Just a couple of bucks, I assume.

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    Re:WTB: HDD

    ok thats fine

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    Re:WTB: HDD

    Mailing it to Canada is a little more expensive due to it qualified as overseas shipments. If time is not important, just ship via USPS letter box, no insurance and you should be less than 10 bucks with shipping.


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