I threw together, (literally thrown-together, brochure-ware), pro bono,
a site for a friend, and yes, I know it uses tables, and imagemaps, and not CSS, for which I'm ashamed. But it was a quick and dirty deal, for no pay..

We see it great in Linux/FireFox 1.0.4, and XP SP2/FireFox 1.0.4,
Linux/Galeon 1.3.21 and the friend sees it fine in his Mac System 9,
but it is blank on his OS X system. Horrors, it is also blank on XP
SP2/IE 6.0.29 on both a laptop and desktop. When I say
blank, the title bar shows the site info, but NOTHING else appears on
the screen.

I've forgotten more about Windows systems than I ever knew, so I'm not
able to adequately trouble-shoot IE, but from what I hear, it *is*
idiot-proof. Hmmmmph Any cloobies?

If any of you could verify?


And hopefully clue me into what IE's / OS X's problems are.

Yes, it validates, but we have no Apple schtuff here.