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    cloverm - re suse


    You are the SuSE person on the board. Last year I was subscribed to "Connections"? Novell magazine. And there was an article about the new SuSE. It looks really good. Is it much better and keeps itself really up to date. Last time tried to run 9.1?(free pro dvd) I wasn't able to have and updated gnome system. Plus I broke yast pretty good.

    I got free giants tickets and beer money from Novell last year. Maybe I'll get the same this year. So I wouldn't mind spending the money aslong as its good. Plus suse has unique stuff you wond find anywhere. Like more controls on printer and other things.

    Ok TIA

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    Re:cloverm - re suse

    I'm on 9.3 right now and it's working pretty good for me. I keep it updated through apt. I only use KDE so I cannot comment on Gnome, but from what I've heard people usually are not happy with SuSE's Gnome support.

    There are people selling SuSE disks on Ebay for a lot less if you don't care about the printed material that comes with the boxed set.

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    Re:cloverm - re suse

    I run Suse 9.3 on the laptop, and my only issue is the fact that the fan runs continuously since the avg temp is around 55 C...everything else is great

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    Re:cloverm - re suse

    If you're more of a Gnome person then SuSE runs Novell Linux Desktop (basically Ximian Desktop 3). It's based on Gnome 2.8 so it's a little dated, but still quite a tight system.

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