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Thread: problem installing coppermine

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    problem installing coppermine

    Hey guys I can't get coppermine going I am following this guide

    but i'm stuck. I am hosting this on my own computer, so what I did was go into my home folder and make a folder called "webserver" and put a folder in there named "gallery" is this ok?

    also in coppermine I keep getting this

    Could not create a mySQL connection, please check the SQL values entered

    MySQL error was : Access denied for user: 'xquizit@localhost' (Using password: YES)

    and I have no clue what to do. but i'm still trying

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    Re:problem installing coppermine

    I assume that you're running apache?
    First, I recommend that you install webmin to help configure things.

    I think you'd put it in a folder such as public_html, although that depends on what you have specified in the UserDir directive in the apache configuration file

    As for mysql, can you login using the mysql program from the command line?

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    Re:problem installing coppermine


    Do you have Apache and MySQL already up and running?

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    Re:problem installing coppermine

    yup apache runs and i'm taking a guess that mysql runs I followed

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    Re:problem installing coppermine

    Can you create a database on MySQL, just to test it?

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    Re:problem installing coppermine

    I don't know how to make a database. i'm gonna google around in a lil bit when I get some homework done haha

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