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Thread: When people don't believe you.

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    Re:When people don't believe you.

    dunno... is she hot?

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    Re:When people don't believe you.

    Is there any documentation you could show you parents to at least prove it isn't you? Ask them what you've purchased as of recently that might explain the missing money... bank statements of charges and/or checks withdrawn and the like...

    sorry its all I could think of. Bad situation, sorry to hear about it. My parents would be getting a very very stern tongue lashing from me. But then, my documentation of purchases would easily back me up since I keep all receipts that aren't groceries or gas.

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    Re:When people don't believe you.

    well it turn out that $40 was stolen, and someone came home with a new roots headphones and one nice ass shirt. :

    anyways my mom is going to keep how much money the has in her wallet and anywhere else where she keeps her money and check it regulary.

    so looks like things are ok for now ;D

    thanks for all your advice people

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