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Thread: Been too long

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    Been too long

    Hey guys,

    Wow I have been away from this place for WAY TOO LONG. I feel like I don't know whats going on here any more. Well things around here are crazy as always.

    I have a new addiction, World of Warcraft, that has been taking up 95% of my free time. I can't stop playing the damn thing. I even have it installed at work and play it while there is nothing to do.

    My wife and I are moving back to the NY area by the end of July at the latest. We BOTH suffered a depression in SC and were on Zoloft, I still am and my wife has been off of it for about 2 months. If I can't find a job we will be moving in with my parents :-\ Maybe we'll be able to pay off some bills that way ???.

    Anyway I just wanted to say Hi and that I kinda miss this place. Everyone take of yourselves and your loved ones.

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    Re:Been too long

    Zoloft is downright evil, I got extremely suicidal when I was on it.

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    Re:Been too long

    Welcome back!

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    Re:Been too long

    Welcome back man! Hope the best for you both.

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    Re:Been too long

    BTW I know what you mean. Warcraft is so addictive. Especially if you play against a challaging opponent. I've played warcraft one day and missed all my appointments and classes. Even missed lunch and dinner.

    What warcraft you playing?

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    Re:Been too long

    [quote author=gmoreno link=board=21;threadid=10473;start=0#msg94269 date=1116970706]
    What warcraft you playing?

    I'm playing the MMORPG warcraft, World of Warcraft. I play on the Shadowsong server. I have one lvl 60 and about 8 other alts

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