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Thread: Santa Fe Linux

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    Santa Fe Linux

    I stumbled across an announcement on another Linux site about the Santa Fe Desktop distribution. Being a non-technical type person, but recognizing the value of Linux, I found this distribution to be very interesting. Does anyone have any info on this? Is it really as simple to use as it claims? Are there known glaring faults?
    I tried Linux a while back but was incredibly frustrated at the difficulty in configuring and in installing new software and the like.
    - Dan

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    Re:Santa Fe Linux

    you really should stick with the top ten least people actually tried it out. That includes slackware,debian,gentoo,ubuntu,mandriva,fedora,kno ppix,xandros,
    suse,and mepis. If you really easiness, i suggest you use debian or

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    Re:Santa Fe Linux

    Well I saw a good review of it on Linuxjournal. It supposed to run with Nividia or ati graphics alleleration. Its a live cd like knoppix.

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    Re:Santa Fe Linux

    if you want something simple try Ubuntu it's the most simple distro you can use IMO another good one is SuSE.

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    Re:Santa Fe Linux

    You can try it out, for's a live cd so there's nothing stopping you. But just use the usual new distro style caution. ALL new distros have bugs; even those based off the big 3 (Fedora, Debian, SuSE). They range from annoying to crippling. Bear this in mind when making a judgement.

    Anyway, if you're looking to get into Linux, I'd recommend Ubuntu ( ) at the drop of a hat. People are also saying good things about the latest version of Linspire.

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    Re:Santa Fe Linux

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=7;threadid=10465;start=0#msg94210 date=1116721737]
    People are also saying good things about the latest version of Linspire.

    Yes we are

    Although for stability purposes, 4.5 has still proven a bit better. 5.0 includes the first, 2.6 Kernel, and specific KDE integrations that were not there in 4.x.

    (threw that out for completeness )

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    Re:Santa Fe Linux

    I like SuSE for ease of use. The install was completely mindless.

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