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Thread: Compunuts - Bay area or bust!

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    Compunuts - Bay area or bust!

    Hey Compunuts,

    I might be working closer to you now. I might get to try to balance my checkbook and manage to pay rent. I applied and had an interview for a new position in Cingular.

    I think I've had my best interview ever! I think I might just get this job. Oh man I can't wait to find out.

    Yeah so might be paying 1k a month for a studio out in pleasanton. But I am just so excited!

    BTW Are you going to LWE this year?

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    Re:Compunuts - Bay area or bust!

    Hey man, great to hear ....

    Well, I'm a little far off from Pleasanton (but not too far though) side but yeah, there is a call center off I 680.

    Houses are much more expensive this side of the state but rent is not so bad. Try to look for an in-law living quarter or something man. It's a lot cheaper and almost the same as getting a studio. You get your own entrance and stuff.

    A friend of mine rented an in-law unit from multi-million dollar house for 1K a month and the owners are there only a few days a few months. Yeah, so it looks like she lives in the multi-million dollar house. hehhee .....

    Yeah, so just give me a shout if you happen to move down here. It's only a half hour drive from where I live so it should be all good.

    I don't know about LWE this year yet but I already registered for it ( have you?) just in case. Work seems to be really heavy this year so I have no idea what my schedule will looks like. If I can, it will probably be Friday (the last day of the show). If I'm going, I will let you know so we can meet up there and hang around together.

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    Re:Compunuts - Bay area or bust!

    Thanks man. Yeah i'll probably need some tips with housing if I get the job. It was suppose to last an hour but it lasted over two hours. I think I have good chances.

    Hey that in-law living quarter sound great. Yeah if I move there we got to go to Hooters in Dublin.

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