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Thread: Building a laptop, almost from scratch

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    Building a laptop, almost from scratch

    JRO showed us how to build a "Just What You Want" OS almost from scratch. Here are some dudes that help you build a laptop, almost from scratch, so you have a place to stick that OS.

    P.S. It isn't cheaper, not even close. But bragging rights are for the taking!

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    Re: Building a laptop, almost from scratch

    Something like a complete build your own laptop kit would be ideal, I think. I'm talking about the kind where they supply all the components and all you have to do is build it. This would (should?) be at a cost savings, but I'd imagine they'd have to sell enough of them too...

    Yeah, but it would be quite a cool geek project to do. I replaced the HD in my iBook once (from a paltry 10GB to a speedy 40GB :mrgreen: ) . Many Mac hardware hackers wouldn't touch a project like that, but I did it inside of 2 hours. The key to my success was to print out the legend for screw placement and then keep the screws on top of their own pictures until time for re-assembly :mrgreen: . Worked like a charm, donchaknow .

    My next hardware project will be to re-assemble the desk lamp that my daughter broke tonight. The thing was built well enough; except for that very cheap piece of plastic holding the whole damn thing together :evil: . Replace that part with a good, solid piece of metal, and we should be all set. Now, where's that damn Dremel tool?!

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