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Thread: Samba shares on subnet

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    Samba shares on subnet

    Hey all

    I have my server connected to my house router (machine name conor-sv, network 192.168.1.*). Also connected to this router is a wireless router that forms network 192.168.0.*. When my laptop is connected to the wireless router, I can't access my samba shares on conor-sv. Laptop just doesn't see the server.

    Anyone know how I can fix this?

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    Re:Samba shares on subnet

    Can you ping it?

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    Re:Samba shares on subnet

    Yes I can connect to my server through SSH, and I can ping (my server). So it's definitely up and kicking. It's just samba shares that don't show up. Maybe some samba settings that need to be made?

    Also, if I ssh into my server, I can make it mount its own samba shares, so that tells me samba is functional. This only started when we brought in the wireless router, and nothing was changed in between, making me think that the two are related.

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    Re:Samba shares on subnet

    Mine was almost the same way. It won't see the internal interface of my router from wireless side. That's until I manually reboot the router by pulling the power cord.

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    Re:Samba shares on subnet

    Assuming this is windows we are talking about, first thing I would do to trouble shoot is:

    In explorer try browsing the share with its IP address:



    If either of these get through, then it is a reasonably simple browse issue. If not, you may need to set up a static route.


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