I am having the same "Could not look up internet address for . . . This will prevent Gnome from operating . . ." error that has been reported by others.

I've read the thread "New to linux, cannot connect to internet" initiated by roy, and have tried several of the suggestions there. If I open a browser, and then try
/sbin/dhclient eth0
the browser will work but I can't start any other program and must reboot.

Any advice (suitable for a newbie) would be appreciated.

My machine's name is paul-cellar. It connects to a Trendnet TE100-S5P switch and thence to a Speedstream 5200 DSL router. There is no network "domain" or "domain controller. My /etc/hosts file has localhost.localdomain localhost

Running chkconfig --list| less shows no entries for either dhclient nor dhcp service.

Running chkconfig --list | grepdh gives nothing.