A Delphi XM MyFi.

I heard about this in my truck radio (XM of course). I didnt pay much attention to the price. So I wander over to Best Buy and look for one. Find out they have a few promos going on, and the real price. Well the promo was nice, but not needed. The price was a bit suprising, expecting to see $150, I see $299. Well, I wanted it so I splurged.

WOW!! I open it up when I get home. Not only is it portable, but has a dock to hook up to your reciever to play it thru! Plus a car kit too (another car antenna, power adapter, and mounting bracket).

Anyone new to XM should definitely grab this one! Makes my account slim down. I have a truck reciever and a PC reciever that pretty much is obsolete now. Instead of 3 radio bills, its one.