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Thread: Printing Problems in Mandriva 10.2

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    Printing Problems in Mandriva 10.2

    In case you're having problems with your apps not being able to access your CUPS printer in Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.2, try uninstalling CUPS that came with Mandy and compiling and installing the source from Now, all my non-KDE apps can access the printer. Something is still broken in KDE, though, because none of the KDE apps that I've tried can see the printer.

    Also, for those of you who've had problems printing from a Linux cilent to a Windows 2000 or XP host, remember to include the Windows user name and password in the URI string when adding your CUPS network printer, like so:


    substituting the variables to suit your nomenclature, of course. I created another user account in Windows XP for shared printing purposes but you could use your existing user name and password (as long as they don't contain "@&quot.

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    Re:Printing Problems in Mandriva 10.2

    Hhmm ... taking CUPS to print almost half hour from any apps if I issue with "cups" as printing command and it only prints one by one page if I do with "lpd" command on my Ubuntu's may have something to do with what you said here.

    I should look closer.

    Anyway, thanks.

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    Re:Printing Problems in Mandriva 10.2

    I reinstalled Mandy 10.2, installed CUPS from source, and applied the latest patches. KDE apps (and other apps, as before) can now see the Windows network printer. I guess the latest KDE patches fixed whatever was broken that prevented KDE apps from linking to a printer hosted on a Windows box.

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