it happened that my printer (hp Laserjet 1000) running under mandrake linux run out of paper when processing a printing job. from that moment, the printer was disabled and didn't print anymore!!
unfortunately my cups did not implement the ordinary commands "lpc restart" so that i had no chance to make it running again. this is how "lpc status" looked like:

printer is on device 'usb' speed -1
queuing is enabled
printing is disabled
no entries
daemon present

however, after some hours of investigation i found a solution to fix this problem.

if you have the same problem, do the following:
1) login as root
1.1) if you want to remove printing jobs you have sent to the printer use the lpq command to view the print-jobs and lprm command to remove jobs
1.2) if you want to see the content of the print jobs you should find them under /var/spool/cups or /var/spool/cups/tmp. refer to the date of the file to see, if it could be the job you're interested in
2) go to /etc/cups/ and open the file printers.conf with vi or any editor
3) make a backup of your old printer config file, in case you screw it up: cp printers.conf printers.conf.bup
4) in the printer-configuration of the desired printer you'll find the code/value pair 'State Stopped'. Replace the value 'Stopped' by 'Idle' and save the file back
5) now restart the cupsd (Common Unix Pinting Service - Daemon) by killing / starting it. first, get the cupsd's PID:
ps -ef | grep cupsd. this should give you something like this:
root 3678 1 0 09:34 ? 00:00:00 cupsd
root 3849 3365 0 10:00 pts/0 00:00:00 grep cupsd

now kill the cupsd (printing daemon) by typing kill -9 3678. of course you must replace 3678 by your system's PID.

now relaunch the daemon by typing cupsd. if the printer's job queue is not empty by now, the printer will start processing these jobs!