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Thread: I will be the proud owner of

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    Re:I will be the proud owner of

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=14;threadid=10423;start=0#msg93986 date=1115673733]
    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=14;threadid=10423;start=0#msg93961 date=1115589546]
    Lunch and Dinner... oh my god don't tell the guy at about that, he might get even crueler ideas.

    That's really goddamn disturbing. That has to be illegal.

    Actually it's legal since Toby legally is his property, there's no law against threating your property - check his legal page for all the explainations of that aspect of his cookout. The guy is a sicko.

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    Re:I will be the proud owner of

    If any animal is in danger, Animal control officers can intervene. If any animal cuelty is witnessed, you can be brought to justic.

    But the catch to this is, animal MUST BE in grave danger or poorly maintained which is NOT the case here. Cheap scam although you would be surprised how many have fall for this kind of craps. I've heard one time a girl posted saying she has to be prostitute if people don't donate and she got more than what she asked. :

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