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Thread: What is the Last Movie You Seen

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    Saw "Avatar" (of course) at Imax 3D. Liked it. My wife though... She's been about 4 times now.

    I also saw "I Love You Man". That had me on the floor in side splitting pain. I did not expect to like that at all. Recommended to all dudes to rent.

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    Everyone is gonna LOL at this...

    Purple Rain with Prince....

    Yeah I know, LOLOLOL. I have an XBOX 360 and was testing the On demand movies, and it was awesome. No skips, and the audio was fantastic too!
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    So what was awesome? The On Demand or Prince?

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    I saw Avatar 3D. The 3D impressed me, however, the plot was a bit thin - and the acting could have been better. But definitely and experience I enjoyed - and will recommend. Looking forward to be seeing more 3D movies.

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    I am taking my kids to see 'How to Train a Dragon' or something similar, in 3D, so it will officially be the 2nd movie I have ever seen in 3D. Avatar being the first. I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed, not by the movie, but the extra 7 dollar for the glasses and the almost 3D experience.
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