I followed the instructions in chapter 10 - Encrypting SWAT
which was completed successfully which i'am stoaked about.

When creating my certificate i entered my local LAN address on eth0.
So does this now mean that i can only access SWAT from my LAN ??
or can it be accessed from out side?

I also tried to apply what was done in chapter 10 - Basic SWAT Setup.
Where you restrict the connection to 'only_from' a certain IP, such as, in the /etc/xinet.d/swat file.
But i was unable to get it to work when i put that into the /etc/xinet.d/swat-tunnel

Is there any way to secure swat-tunnel so that it : -
A) can't be accessed from outside (which is may already?) &
B) can only be accessed from a certain IP as in the "chapter 10 - Basic SWAT Setup"

i'am just a little unclear on what exactly i've done by following these steps and what access it has now been given.