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Thread: Petition to open OS/2's source

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    Re:Petition to open OS/2's source

    It's not only holding it's own in the financial sector but it has held up well in Europe (I remember it being used a lot in Germany when I lived there). I remember that it was better at running a lot of 16bit win apps than Win95 was.


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    Re:Petition to open OS/2's source

    I'm interested in seeing what gain we can possibily get from getting OS/2 source open.

    IIRC, OS/2 was co-developed with MS. MS got NT and IBM got OS/2. The only reason I can tell why OS/2 is still around is because IBM supports it and they insist on getting OS/2 if you are buying their hardware. I've seen many cash registers runs OS/2 as well. I worked with many grocery stores and that my experience are any indications, OS/2 is much a crap like NT4 is. But all they do in grocery cash registers is they will just reach for powerswitch and pull the sucker off. Plus back in and wait slowly booting box come up on line. Now, back in business : .

    So I guess POS systems and ATMs are more of specialized area and that if a vendor insist on something, then you are better off getting the tech support as well from that company. That's the only reason I see OS/2 is still around. Now, IBM is going after this market with Linux as well. I guess about 5 years from now, we won't be seeing many OS/2.

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