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    LiveCD Distro

    Has anybody with a Mac tried any livecd distro? I just burned Kubuntu and it didn't boot when I restarted my Mini Mac.

    I used a program for OSX called Firestarter FX to burn it. I assume it should create a bootable cd like Linux & Win.


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    Re:LiveCD Distro

    Someone told me you are to hold down the "c" key when it starts up during booting...I'll have to try it.

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    Re:LiveCD Distro

    [quote author=Saptech link=board=11;threadid=10390;start=0#msg93611 date=1114330164]
    Someone told me you are to hold down the "c" key when it starts up during booting...I'll have to try it.


    That would be true.

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    Re:LiveCD Distro

    Well I finally was able to boot using this livecd, Kubuntu, and I must say, its pretty slick. It is Ubuntu distro but instead of using Gnome desktop manager, its using KDE 3.4.0, the newest version.

    Everthing seems to be working good except for it didn't pickup the sound card. I got a message saying it couldn't find the file, /dev/dsp, which sometimes happens with Linux. Normally you can create this and then sound may work. It doesn't offer Firefox as far as browser but include Konqueror, KDE's default browser & filemanager.

    Openoffice an office suite is included along with K3b CD/DVD burning software. It has Kopete multi messenger program and some nice music players. I see it offers wifi configuration program also.

    On a whole, I like it, and would install it on my Mac.

    I'm using a Mac Mini with 1.2ghz cpu, 512mb ram, 40gb hard drive and the wireless card. My internet connections cable modem with a dlink router and I'm writing this post using it.

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    Re:LiveCD Distro

    ubuntu runs quite well on my B&W G3. Also works with my wireless card that doesnt work in OSX...and I set up maconlinux and it runs quite well too. It runs at about 90% of the real speed in fullscreen...can't say that about wine

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