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Thread: Backpacking through Europe

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    Backpacking through Europe

    Well Kinda, I will be traveling to England, Ireland, and Italy. I plan to be on my trip for under a week and a half. Any tips on a good backpack for this purpose. I've looked around but haven't up my mind.


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    Re:Backpacking through Europe

    Also I have a re-chargeable digital camera. Anyone know what kind of adapter I need?

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    Re:Backpacking through Europe

    Buy multiple region adapters (I think they are called Universal adaptors or something). Those will support 110V and 220V as well as plug types in different regions such as Europe and Asia.

    Other than that, I have no backpacking experience in Europe. Take as many pictures and then share your experience with us.

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    Re:Backpacking through Europe

    Universal adaptors are your friend.

    Also for backpacking, I would go to a store that sells scouting equipment, they have the best stuff and you can get good advice there on packing and carrying without hurting yourself.

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    Re:Backpacking through Europe

    To piggy-back on what Lovey said, go to a scouting store. Also, check out a copy of the Scout handbook from your local library. This will give you good tips on how to wear the pack, the different types of packs, and hiking tips. It is well worth the read.


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    Re:Backpacking through Europe

    Thanks guys. Will post some pics when I get back.

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