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Thread: Crappy Windows download manager

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    Crappy Windows download manager

    If I used IE 6 to download any kind of ISOs, it will half-assly do the job and leave me puzzled. This is on Win2K Pro. I download 3 ISOs, one FreeBSD, one Ubuntu and one OpenBSD. In the case of Ubuntu, it will only download (or show) 240 MB out of its official 564 MB. It will only download 120MB of FBSD. I thought it was the problem with file system such as NTFS saving with different byte set.

    So I happen to be in Firefox (which regularly use but don't really like using it to download stuff since it can't choose download folders on the fly) and clicked on Ubuntu download. Leave the place for two hours and when I'm back, it's complete. All 564 MBs of it. . I thought I was gonna piss in my pants. What a joy.

    Now, who ever thinks it's a good idea to integrate IE to Windows, screw you !!!! ;D

    Well, now, I should have posted this in other forums such as playground but I figure; this is official Windows bitching so I'll do that in Windows forum.

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    Re:Crappy Windows download manager

    you can choose download foldrer on the fly.
    I think it's
    (on linux it's Edit->Preferences->Downloads)

    then click the radio button for "Ask me where to save every file"

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    Re:Crappy Windows download manager

    Yes it's possible to set it to choose which folder.

    When using Windows, I prefer using a download manager, such as Getright or whatnot, because of that similar problem. At least you can finish where it left off at if something happens.

    I wonder why browsers don't have a "resume" with their downloading feature?

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    Re:Crappy Windows download manager

    Firefox has a resume feature, but it fails with 100% consistancy.

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