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Thread: VNC w/Web Browser Client

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    VNC w/Web Browser Client

    Hey guys,

    When I installed SuSE it came with a vnc server accesible through web browser. Anyone aware of anything similar to that I can setup in ubuntu? Or will any VNC server work that way?


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    Re:VNC w/Web Browser Client

    SuSE uses tightVNC, so I guess that would be your best bet.

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    Re:VNC w/Web Browser Client

    This may be of some help.

    Just a guess what you're referring to.

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    Re:VNC w/Web Browser Client

    Thanks guys I think thats what I'm looking for. I can't download anything to our work computers. So putty is out of the question. So this will be a better way. Plus no more restricted websites. Plus I can see tv from work. I will be a popular guy at work now.

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