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Thread: Harddrive ghost??!!??

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    Harddrive ghost??!!??

    I just installed FC3 a few days ago on a computer that formerly ran Windows XP. In the install, I had the old OS deleted. I just recently rebooted my computer, and the old harddrive name I used in XP has suddenly become my computers name in FC3 !!!!!!!!! Everything seems to work fine, but upon bootup, I get a message telling me the computer can't find an internet address for this old name, and maybe I should add it the the etc/host file, and gives me the choice to 'try again' or 'login anyways' (this is a paraphrase of the message).
    What the heck is going on and should I be worried? What should I do?

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    Re:Harddrive ghost??!!??

    hey gp.
    no need to be worried and it should be added to the hosts file (if you like this name) 0 is the DHCP server trying to assingn this name? i belive the command or tool to get this set is system-config-network or netowrk configuration under the system tools menu.

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    Re:Harddrive ghost??!!??

    The exact message I get upon trying to login is:
    "Could not look up internet address for JIMMYJOYCE. This will prevent GNOME from operating correctly. It may be possible to correct the problem by adding JIMMYJOYCE to the file /etc/hosts."

    First of all, I don't know how to add a name to hosts (I don't wanna mess that file up), second of all, why has this happened all of a sudden when I've already rebooted a number of times without it occuring? This is the first instance of this name popping up on my new OS. Weird.

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    Re:Harddrive ghost??!!??

    i must agree - it is weird... the only thing i can think of is that the DHCP setting it because it sees the MAC of your NIC.

    It is pretty easy to set the hostname - you should be able to do it with the tools mentioned above.

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