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Thread: Downloading problems

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    Downloading problems

    Big newbie here...
    I've tried downloading things using the Gnome gui, and they'll say they're downloading to desktop, but the files never end up on my desktop...I don't get it. Where do these files go? For example, I downloaded RealPlayer 10, I wasn't able to choose where to direct it, it just downloaded to desktop, but it ain't there.
    Any answers for me?

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    Re:Downloading problems

    what distro are you using?

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    Re:Downloading problems

    Try this: Go to your home directory using the file browser (nautilus) and then open up you "Desktop" directory. Select View->Refresh. If things suddenly appear, then this is a bug in the way nautilus draws the desktop. It's been around forever and still pops up from time to time. Logging out and logging back in will probably fix it.

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    Re:Downloading problems

    I'm using FC 3
    I found the file - it was in my home directory (though it didn't show up there until I did a search for it)
    I only turned over from Microsoft a couple days ago, and am at the very beginning of the Linux journey, so things have been rough, but I'm still excited...excited to be free. I'm sure I'll be posting here like mad looking for solutions to problems. Thanks.


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    Re:Downloading problems

    Are you using Firefox as your browser? If so, you can configure where your default downloads go under Edit->Preferences.

    And yeah it's always a bit of a shock at first when you're converting. Give yourself some time to get all the kinks worked out of your new install. Once you have a usable system and you develop a routine, linux becomes just as second nature as windows.

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    Re:Downloading problems

    That's what I figure. I'm using the Christopher Negus books, and they're quite comprehensive and helpful. My problem is I always want to do things that get ahead of myself.
    Thanks for the advice.


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