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Thread: Burn DVD Data

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    Burn DVD Data

    Hi everybody. I'm trying to burn a plain data DVD disc and using k3b everything seems to be fine till time to click Burn, then an error message appears and say "can't find growisofs".

    Does anybody know anything about this and how to add it?

    I searched my hd and it's not installed. I did an apt-cache search growisofs and not found.


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    Re:Burn DVD Data

    Thnx. Trickster, I was trying to install just growisofs. Now that I have it installed, something is still not working. When I try to format the disc, I get error message "No writeable DVD media found, unable to format".

    I need to do some researching on what is the problem. Any ideas/suggestions?


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    Re:Burn DVD Data

    Is it a k3b problem or cdrecord problem I wonder? Have you tried using Gnome Baker? Not sure if it does dvds, but it's the Gnome equivalent to k3b. Maybe that'll work a little better.

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    Re:Burn DVD Data

    It was actually my fault. My media is a DVD+R and from reading the article Trickster linked, you don't have to format a DVD+R, so I just chose the burn button and all is well! ;D

    I would assume you don't need to format a DVD-R either. I just burned 3.3gb of data in 6 1/2 minutes using a BenQ 16x speed DVD drive..

    Thnx. for all your help.

    Tyr_7BE, I'll look into your link also.

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    Re:Burn DVD Data

    oops, no it's not the link Trickster gave me but from this link.

    A good tutorial to read...

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    Re:Burn DVD Data

    Glad you got it to work

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    Re:Burn DVD Data

    Thnx. I couldn't have done it without your help... ;D

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