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Thread: Web-interface for burning CD

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    Web-interface for burning CD

    Hi Iím looking for a web interface (perl or other) for burning CDís under linux.
    I have a network (mostly win XP clients) with linux-server with a CD-burner. I would like to make it possible to use that burner via a web interface, does anybody know a solution or have any suggestions?????

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    Re:Web-interface for burning CD

    Try this link. Looks like it could be what you were looking for.


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    Re:Web-interface for burning CD

    Thanks for replying so quickly!!!!!
    I have tried it and I have 2 problems, first it does not work, the settings for the burner are somewhat difficult. Secondly it's not free at least not the DVD version and I wanted to burn DVD's as well. I did not write that in my question so you wouldnít know, sorry about that!!

    Best regards

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    Re:Web-interface for burning CD

    Try webmin.

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    Re:Web-interface for burning CD

    Could try using hyperscsi. That would allow you to mount that as a remote share locally with full control. You may not need it, but I think you would.

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