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Thread: Strange problem: Cannot delete files in Linux w/ Win98

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    Strange problem: Cannot delete files in Linux w/ Win98

    Dear all,

    Recently I've setup a Linux with Samba3.0.12 as a Domain PDC, and used Win98 as a client PC. I can logon to PDC, read/modify any files, however, I cannot delete/rename any files in Linux shares. But I can delete/rename files using DOS command prompt in Win98. So this should not be any permission settings problem.

    I tried to logon to Sambe using WinXP. Everything works fine then. However, the majority of my client PCs are still using win98.

    Do you guys have any clue on this?? A thousand thanks for your help!!

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    Re:Strange problem: Cannot delete files in Linux w/ Win98

    Actually this is probably a permission issue. When you mount a remote SMB filesystem from SAMBA, you mount it with some new linux permissions. Set up your mount command to allow that.

    Here is the smbmount manpage

    smbmount has used the same syntax for some time (since nothing has really changed for sometime).

    Here is a brief example of how to mount remote filesystems. You can either slap together a quick script to do this at login, or pop the mount info into your /etc/fstab file. There are a few changes to go that route, but it can be setup for all users, and this occurs at bootup. The one drawback for doing this at home, is that when you bootup, you will run into errors if the remote share is not available, in which case you get mount errors. The best way to fix that is to either rerun mount :

    mount -a

    or, just use the script, or use a KDE or GNOME mount tool.

    IIRC LinNeighborhood may be of some use to you. Try it out. This tool can setup the script for you, as well as browse and setup your networking (for CIFS/SMB sharing and remote shares). I used this quite extensively at an old job. But at home, since all is either NFS, OpenAFS, or more Linux/UNIX orientated sharing (even on Win32 boxes I use OpenAFS) GNOME's browser works perfect. But that is for me.

    But however you do do it -- make damn sure that there is full read write for whatever group you fall into. Chances are that you are mounting for one user and group and that your user's permissions don't jive (only Read, no write). Setting a group for smb mounts and adding the user(s) in may be of some simplicity too.

    In short -- you have a script or fstab to use
    you have LinNeighborhood
    you have GNOME's or KDE's built in browsers.

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