Someone sent me this email. Can you guys answer his questions?

I am a desktop user of Windows. I want to move away from Microsoft. I am not a programmer and I think that I would like to convert from Windows to Linux. Am I nuts? So far my attempts at getting information have been in vain. Is it even a reasonable possibility to make the change? Everything I can find in the written word assumes an understanding of Linux, Unix or is grossly incomplete. Almost all articles and internet sites use terms that I do not recognize. Must I learn a whole new language? Is it worth it? If yes, why is it so hard to find any help with this need? A dictionary would be a good beginning. A simple list of things to do in order to make the change would also be good. I would suggest a list that starts at the very beginning and ends after someone has a fully operational desktop workstation available with word processing, spreadsheet, and internet browser. An organizer like Outlook or Lotus organizer would be useful as well as a good financial program.