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    .tax file

    Hey all,

    My Aunt had a friend of hers do her taxes. Apparently this guy used TurboTax and when he sent my Aunt a copy of the tax return it was in a .tax format and she doesn't have TurboTax (and niether do anyone we know). So does anyone know of anyother piece of software that can open a .tax file? I could always buy TurboTax but that just seems dumb and pointless. I've tried googling for a little bit but haven't really had any luck. Do you think that there is any OSS that will open that file? Maybe GnoCash (or whatever)?


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    I highly doubt it. You might be better off either getting free version of TurboTax (I used to received those with limitation of not being able efile) or get cheap version. That or ask the person to print them out for your aunt.

    I think the data format is not OSS compatible.

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