I have a potentially serious problem: I have my 40gb Hard Drive dual booted with Win XP Pro and Fedora Core 3. Everything has worked fine for months until yesterday when I went to boot Windows and it went directly to a black DOS-looking screen that said EXCEPTION in bold letters at the top and then listed a bunch of codes. THis happened IMMEDIATLY after I selected "Other" in the Grub Boot Loader, so I'm hoping its just a simple problem with the boot loader that can be remedied.

So, couple of things: A) I would be happy to reformat my C: partition and reinstall Windows, but not until I can get my important documents off the disk. B) Is there a way to recover, i.e. access those documents through Fedora? Can I mount my C: drive and copy the documents, assume they are still there? C) Is it possible that its just a problem with the boot loader that can be fixed?

If you think you have an answer, please try to go easy on me as I am still not much of a linux expert.

Thanks for your help in advance.