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Thread: 640x480 does 800x600?

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    640x480 does 800x600?

    Sorry if unbelievably crass, but how can a 640x480 monitor do 800x600 - what I mean is: I thought these were measurements of the screen size, they are with pictures.

    And does anyone know what an elonex cds-327k monitor is, can't find it anywhere? Thanks any help

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    Re:640x480 does 800x600?


    It depends on the particular monitor, if it can do that resolution or not.
    You can always try it, but it might (or not) mess up your monitor.

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    Re:640x480 does 800x600?

    640X480 is the number of pixels (those little dots that make up the picture on the monitor) the monitor can display horizontally and vertically not the size of the monitor. On a larger monitor with the same resolution each pixel is going to be larger.

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    Re:640x480 does 800x600?

    Your hardware have limitations of what it can display. For example, most 14" monitors can do 1024x768 easy but some can't (like the one I have, which can only do 800x600).

    What your graphic card can handle is a totally different story. Some can do higher resolutions but some can't. My Nvidia can do 1280x1024 but my monitor can't do it so I had to set it to lower resolution.

    I see your monitor is common in UK so you might as well ask them for the info. At least they can send you some info of your monitor or point you to download section of specific model (but I doubt since they no longer support CRTs).

    Check there under Monitor Info area. There is a number you can call for support.

    HTH ..

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