I recently built a new computer with 2 hard drives, an IDE 30gig from my old box and a new SATA 160gig. I installed Windows XP on the 160, cleaned off the 30 and then tried to install Fedora Core 3 on it.

The install went fine, except that during the boot loader configuration it listed the 160 gig boot as "Other" instead of windows. I've never done this before, so I thought maybe that was normal and left it. I set "Other" as the default, put the bootloader on the 30 so as not to mess up my Windows boot in case anything went wrong, and went through with the installation. After it rebooted I made the 30 into the primary drive in the BIOS so that Grub would be used instead of the windows boot loader.

The system booted, went through the loader to boot Other, showed the boot commands (2 lines, something about boot no reply or acknowledge and then +1chainboot or something) and then hung. After rebooting I tried the Fedora boot which went off without a hitch. I switched the drives around in the BOIS again so that windows would load, and that went fine too.

Why doesn't Grub load windows? Any ideas how I can fix this?

-Edit- I should probably mention that I had an earlier installation of Mandrake 10.0 (or 10.1, I can't remember) that DID replace the mbr on the 160. I ended up getting rid of Mandrake because the GUI was all screwy and it didn't support my 6600GT. I put the windows boot record back by booting through the windows install cd and running fixmbr. It seemed to work fine, but I don't know what other problems it might have caused.

Also, on the Fedora installer partition editor screen it does recognize the NTFS file system on the 160, but it doesn't seem to recognize it as windows.