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Thread: Forcing Off Users

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    Forcing Off Users

    I recently removed a user off a Debian system but for some reason the user still shows up in who, w, and users. The user is removed from the system with no entery in the password file, no home directory, no associated group, etc.. How can I forcefully 'kick' the user off the system. Obviosuly, the user isn't actually on it, it's just a zombie but it is somewhat anoying! Also, the zombie is suposably logged in locally via :0.

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    Re:Forcing Off Users

    kill any pid that is associated.

    force an 'init 1 && init 3'

    After a quick Google, I found that AIX, HPUX, and Solaris docs all reccommend the first method. HPUX apparently has a tool to help do that. Dunno about linux.

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    Re:Forcing Off Users

    ps -U username
    kill -9 pid

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    Re:Forcing Off Users

    Thanks guys but neither worked. Must be an odd bug ...

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