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Thread: nForce sound card in FreeBSD

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    nForce sound card in FreeBSD

    Anyone have any idea how to get my nForce Sound card working. I got my geforce and nfoce nic configured. All I need is my sound card.

    Did many searches and found zilch.


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    Re:nForce sound card in FreeBSD

    Ok I got to appropriate module load snd_ich. But still no /dev/mixer. MAKEDEV not in 5.3 devfs or something.

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    Re:nForce sound card in FreeBSD

    Not to insult anyone here, but I would hop over to Screaming Electron. They have BSD gurus there. We tend to stay a bit more Linux centric along with that forced Windows knowledge here and there ;D

    But to take a stab -- have you tried loading the nVIDIA drivers off nVIDIA's driver page? There are both VGA and nForce driver packages there IIRC.

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