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    Solaris Help

    How do I run a perl script in solaris. Also how do I make it so that solaris starts out with a terminal running a telnet command.

    I want to boot up and get a terminal with telnet already asking for my password.


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    Re:Solaris Help

    What desktop are you using? I'm assuming you're talking about an X terminal, and not a standard terminal?

    As for perl, I know there is perl for solaris...just a matter of installing it. Typing "perl" doesn't bring you to an interpreter? Unfortunately I have no idea how solaris package management works.

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    Re:Solaris Help

    Ok I got perl script running. I am using CDE desktop.

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    Re:Solaris Help

    CDE eh? No session management, to the best of my knowledge. Bummer. I know you can open an xterm with a command in it with xterm -e <yourcommand>. You can try putting it in your ~/.xinitrc file, which last time I checked, was executed when you start X.

    echo "xterm -e telnet command" >> ~/.xinitrc

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