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    Log in user

    I want a program to log in a user, and I was wondering how I would do this with a command, taking everything as an arg, and nothing from stdin (without prompting for a password).

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    Re:Log in user

    su - Change user ID or become super user
    sudo, sudoedit - execute a command as another user

    You probably wanna use su or sudo. Not that unless you're root you will be prompted for a password, unless you've configured sudo for this task.

    Good luck.

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    Re:Log in user

    I forgot to say that sudo didn't work...
    I want to completely login the user, not run commands as them.

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    Re:Log in user


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    Re:Log in user

    login wants input (the password).

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    Re:Log in user

    I use GDM to automatically login myself upon reboot (so that I can grab a drink after pressing power button and everything would be ready when I return). May be you can mess around with GDM's source to see how they do it?

    Sorry this is not definitive answer but something you may want to look into.

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    Re:Log in user

    I'll definately look into it, thanks.

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    Re:Log in user

    login -h hostname -f username
    works for my purposes

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