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Thread: Convert 3GP Format

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    Convert 3GP Format

    Anybody know of a player that will play or convert a 3GP mobile video file format?

    The only thing I find is Quicktime can convert it. I don't see Quicktime listed for Linux.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re:Convert 3GP Format

    Last I i looked there wasn't anything out there. Hopefully someone comes up wit a converter or a linux codec for it

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    Re:Convert 3GP Format

    Thnx...I guess I would have to go in windows and do it.

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    Re:Convert 3GP Format

    You have one of those video phones? My co-worker got that Sony Ericson s710a man its the nices phone I have EVER seen or tuched. Its nice! Pricey price tage $450 w/2yr contract.

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    Re:Convert 3GP Format

    It's a cam & video phone, but mine is a Z500a Sony Ericsson, cost $79 with 2yr contract...not bad. I like it.

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    Re:Convert 3GP Format

    I work for Cingular tech support. That phone is one of the better phones. The internet works the fastes than any other edge phone i've played with.

    I would get that phone if I had a cingular phone or unless I had $500 to throw away to get the s710a.

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    Re:Convert 3GP Format

    hey gmoreno - how do you like the rzor?

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    Re:Convert 3GP Format

    I wouldnt spend the money. Functions are same as newer motorolas. Like the v551. All it is is style. Nice screen. I wouldn't spend the money. For less money (-$50) you can get the sony ericson s710a.

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    Re:Convert 3GP Format

    Looks like I need QT Pro to convert this :-\

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