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Thread: ISP connections

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    ISP connections

    I have both two computers, one is running windows XP, and the other is running Linux. I'm looking around for an ISP provider. Is there any chance that one connection can be used on both machines? Not at the same time.
    I'm thinking that there might be two problems.
    (1) the modem id, is unique and the connection will only work for that modem.
    (2) the protocall isn't the same for windows vs linux, but I'm guessing.

    Does anyone have opinions on good or bad linux isp providers.
    thanks Greg

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    Re:ISP connections

    I've never heard of any ISP's limiting you to a particular modem.
    o my understanding, as long as you don't access from 2 places at the same time, it should be allright.

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    Re:ISP connections

    Ok, is there anything special to look for when shopping. Anything I should research about the version of Linux that I'm using?

    Do most companies such as:Netzero, AOL.....etc support Unix/linux?

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    Re:ISP connections

    Well, if you are dial up user, then your selection is VERY limited. Although there are some success with some people, the support stuff at ISPs are as good as anyone who knows nothing about Linux. Yeah so research carefully. I've never seen anyone using AOL with Linux but I may be wrong.

    We have a few dial up users here so they will also response here when they see it. But depending on your area, selection is very limited.

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    Re:ISP connections

    there are quite a few small shops in the area -
    a broad band one is:
    dial ups (basic service, whihc is cheaper)
    there are more out there

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    Re:ISP connections

    They have nation-wide access, and so far they've been pretty good. They support Linux too, and even have instructions for configuring KPPP. It's all-you-can eat for $11.99 per month, minimum of three months.

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    Re:ISP connections

    Dial-up access with your Linux box will be a problem if it has a Winmodem (i.e., a software controlled modem).

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