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Thread: Fax to E-mail

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    Fax to E-mail

    Hey guys,

    Cingular has new company policys in place. Now I am need to recieve faxes but we dont have a machine in our department. So I have to take about a 5+ min walk to the fax machine. They also bug me about my stats. And I am not supposed to do "work" on my break.

    I have very limited internet access at work but I do have e-mail. Anyone know of a good proffesional feeling fax service where I can get a fax image sent directly to my e-mail at work? Possibly for free?


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    Re:Fax to E-mail

    Where I work there are a few people with eFax ( and it works great for them. I don't think it is free but it's an option.

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    Re:Fax to E-mail

    I use Packetel. Again, not free, but 3.95 a month, unlimited ammount of faxes..
    Works very good.

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    Re:Fax to E-mail

    I do believe XP has fax capabilities bulit in to it.

    WinFax works well but i'd go for efax, i've used it alot and never had a problem

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