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Thread: monitor issues

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    monitor issues

    I am new to the linux world. I have installed Slackware 10 previously on my pc and had no problems with it. I tried to reload it again but now every time I try startx all I get is multicolored lines on my screen. Last time I had it loaded it was all the same hardware and it worked great but not this time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re:monitor issues

    i would run the program xf86config to set up the video settings. What type of hardware do you have?

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    Re:monitor issues

    It is an older gateway. Can not be any more specific right now, I am not near it to look and get the specifics. Why would I need to make changes in that file on this reload?

    Thanks for the advice...I will try that later today.

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    Re:monitor issues

    Linux is setting up the resolution higher than your monitor can handle. You need to lower it. YOur VGA may be able to handle higher resolution but it sounds like your monitor can't. When you install it, make sure you set to 800x600 resolution and if you need, you could change it later.

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    Re:monitor issues

    Don't see where anyone has mentioned it yet, so here goes:

    Make sure you KNOW your monitor's horizontal and vertical frequencies before you attempt to set up your XF86Config file. Most of Gateway's monitors are multisynch and capable of withstanding an overdrive without damage, but some are not. If you hear your monitor overscanning (making a very high-pitched whine), either drop out to a virtual terminal ([Ctrl]-[Alt]-[F1] or [Alt]-[F1] should do it) or turn off the monitor before it bursts into flames, (yes, it can happen in rare instances.) or you hear that sickening "pop" sound and the screen goes blank.

    Best places to find this kind of info are the technical documents that came with your monitor, or on the label on the back. You might also find it on the manufacturer's website.

    Something else you could try... when the monitor goes into its strange colors thingy, press [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[-] repeatedly until it gives you a resolution you can see correctly... your system may be set up for multiple resolutions, at least one of which is lower than the resolution you are currently viewing.

    If all else fails, dump out to a virtual terminal, start your favorite text editor as root, and edit /etc/XF86Config by hand. That's not for the timid, though.

    Good Luck,

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