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Thread: DVD Drive Bad

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    DVD Drive Bad

    I purchased a rebuilt dvd drive from awhile ago and I guess the warranty expired.

    But I installed it recently into my tower system and using it with Windows XP, it see the drive but when I install a disc, store bought dvd or burned cd disc, it doesn't pick it up.

    Is there anything else I can do to see if the drive is good or bad?


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    Re:DVD Drive Bad

    *** Update***

    The drive was new, but still bad. compgeeks did refund the money and I now have a new dvd/cd burner... ;D

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    Re:DVD Drive Bad

    Sweet. Nice to see that compgeek returned your money.


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    Re:DVD Drive Bad

    Well they gave me credit for it, so I bought the dvd burner...anyway, I'm satisfied.

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    Re:DVD Drive Bad

    Good indeed. I willkeep in mind to shop at compgeeks next time around.

    I have some DVD drives that will only pick pressed copy of DVDs and CDs only. It's not that the drive is bad but it's pretty early version of DVDs and they can't read those burned CDs or DVDs. Buying a newer stuff is the best route to go.

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    Re:DVD Drive Bad

    When I got my dvd burner, I installed it in the PC and Debian Sid picked it right up without me doing anything.

    I can even play movies with no problems.

    What is a good movie program for DVDs?


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    Re:DVD Drive Bad

    i like vlc for dvds.

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    Re:DVD Drive Bad

    Thnx, I'll try it.

    Have you tried Ogle?

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    Re:DVD Drive Bad

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=3;threadid=10210;start=0#msg93132 date=1112589452]
    i like vlc for dvds.
    Thnx again. It's working perfectly with Debian Sid, I didn't have to any thing other then type apt-get install vlc

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    Re:DVD Drive Bad

    I myself like Totem. It's got a great interface written in beautiful GTK2. Plays everything under the sun too.

    First, install Totem with the Xine backend ("totem-xine" on Ubuntu...not sure about others). Then grab the essential codec package from mplayer:

    In totem, go Edit->Preferences->Proprietary Plugins, and extract the contents of the essential codec package into the window that pops up so that all the actual codec files are in the top level directory (ie, there should be no subdirectories, just files).

    Finally, make sure you install libdvdcss to play dvds.

    Easy as can now play quicktime, most wmv files, all avi and mpegs, and dvds with a really well designed player.

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