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    I have a trip to Hawaii comming up, and I bought some new tapes for my camcorder, and i bought TDK -- which was on sale. I had been using Sony in the past. My friend, who is into a lot of video stuff, or wants to be and talks to a lot of "professionals" as he calls them, and he found out the brand switch and he was like "you cant switch brands, the different lubricants will gum up the heads and it will cost you $250 to clean!"

    Does anybody know about this issue, other than from down the grape vine? He is a die-hard sony fan for tapes, but they are so much more expensive.

    I did some research and I found mix answers, so I wanna know if anybody has recorded stuff and switched between brands frequently.

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    Yeah, they are the same as any other FUDs I've heard.

    I only use Shell's Octane 89 gasoline because that's the only gas for my car to run. If I use Chervaron, it will burn in hell. :


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